1. Mentoring
    Whether it be a Chief Executive of a FTSE 100 company or a sole trader, running a business can be lonely. If you are having difficulty managing your relationships with the Chairman, CEO, your team or even an important customer, talk to us.

    Our experience has been gained through working in several industries and through four recessions, we have seen and dealt with most problems that executives are faced with today.

    Career Strategy
    At one or more times in their life almost every executive has a doubt about the direction that their career is taking. Taking advice from family and friends can give many different views, the best course of action is to seek outside expert help. For the past 21 years we have been providing advice and guidance on the way forward. Sometimes a client is taken aback by our straight talking, the end result justifies our approach.

    “This is the best job in the world” Guy Penny